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Should I Take a Break From Social Media?

We live in a culture that celebrates external activity more than internal growth.

Who can hustle the hardest.. Be the flashiest.. Travel the most.. Live a lavish lifestyle..promote themselves the “best”.. And “live their best life” for the world to see (or at-least pretend to do so)- all seem to be common themes, on these sometimes overwhelming social media platforms... 

Which is why I took a 35 day “Media Break” last month and it was truly SO REFRESHING.

Yep, I had to join the #DigitalDetox train for awhile and it was so needed!

Now let me preface this by stating: There is absolutely nothing wrong with social media! In fact, there are days where I am in awe of how transformative it is and how many lives have been drawn closer to Christ because of it. If it weren’t for the prolific leaders, teachers and encouragers that I found here on the internet, I honestly would not be as far along on this faith walk as I’ve come. There IS good in being social and sharing the Good News through media. I am so here for it!! 

HOWEVER…. Just as there are pros, there are cons.

Though at times my intentions may have been to hop on Instagram and post an encouraging message or just “check on” my internet friends- I sometimes found myself in sinking sand. Sinking into comparison and/or discontentment as I scrolled through all the wonderful things others were experiencing at the time.

Whether we realize it or not, tuning into other people’s lives daily does reap a cost. It may cost you your peace. It may cost you your contentment. It may cost you giving up on your own goals because you don’t feel worthy enough to actually achieve them.

If you’re not intentional and selective with what you allow into the gateway of your eyes, thoughts and heart you may eventually begin comparing yourself and measuring your life’s accomplishments to others- which is not the way God intends for us to live. 

He wants us to ENJOY and ENCOURAGE others with the life we’ve been blessed with. And of course, a great way to do that is through posting! But when that posting and/or social media becomes an idol in our lives- it’s time to put it down for awhile. 

What’s an idol? Anything you place in your heart above or before God believing it will bring you fulfillment, happiness and/or wholeness more than God can.

That can be a relationship, a job, “likes,” “views”, money, clothes, a celebrity- literally anything you “worship” in your heart above God can easily become an idol in your life.

So what should you do? You love social media (heck, we all do). You’ve gained a good following. You normally post 10x/day. You have partnerships/collabs that expect you to post. Trust me, I get it. Above all else, I’m always going to recommend praying about it first and foremost and seeing what God has to say about it. If you feel in your heart that a small break would benefit you and your relationship with God, then I’d encourage you to lay it down.

Start like I did and give yourself a set amount of days (I did 30 days which turned into 35 but you can start with just 1 day of no social media and go from there!) 

Not only do I highly recommend putting your phone down but I’d also challenge you to refocus that time and spend it with God. Allow Him to download into you. Allow Him to take away those comparisons and whatever else you picked up while scrolling. Allow Him to replenish your depleted spirit. And what better time to start than now!


If you don’t feel like social media is an issue for you- Cheers! That’s awesome. Search your heart and see what might be an issue or time consumer in your life that could be laid down for a season in order to draw closer to God. 

Praying for your strength and excited to see what God shows us as we spend more time with Him in 2020! xo

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