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It Doesn't Matter How You Started...Finish Strong!

A new year is approaching! Leave your past in the past and get excited for your future!

As we round out the last few weeks of this year, I find myself reflecting on how far I’ve come from January until now. 

Let me just say, Wheeww!!! Thank God for growth (Lol). A LOT has changed for me in a year. From traveling all across the world, facing a few personal trials, my faith being tested like never before and God calling me to grow and go deeper in my personal walk with Him...2019 has been FULL to say the least and I’m truly thankful for it all. 

I honestly feel as though I’m closing out this year as a much stronger woman than I started.

I’m not exactly where I want to be in life but I’ve come such a long way from where I used to be and because I’ve grown closer to God over this year that tells me I’m right where I need to be. 

Sometimes we get so focused on what all has gone wrong that we forget how much actually went right and how much favor and grace God extended over us that we didn’t deserve. This year may have given you results you weren’t exactly hoping for but stay encouraged! God always has a way of turning what seems to be less than ideal stories and messy pasts into beautiful masterpieces filled with evidence of His redeeming power. 


Speaking of messy pasts, let’s chat about our girl, Rahab…

Found in the book of Joshua, Rahab was a prostitute (a common occupation for women in her environment during that time) who was used by God to help out the spies sent to her land by Joshua. The spies came to check out Jericho (the land God was calling them to conquer). Rahab invited them into her inn, risking everything to help them.

Her choice to trust and obey God pushed her out of her comfort zone but, that choice proved to be worth it.

During Joshua and the Israelites conquering of the land of Jericho, Rahab and her entire family were saved. Her decision to live by faith changed everything! God not only spared her life, but she ultimately became apart of the lineage of Jesus, the Messiah! 

That’s right. God used someone that others may have written off and overlooked. He wasn’t concerned with her past, her occupation or her previous actions. He was concerned with her heart. When we look at this and many other stories in the Bible, that’s what God is truly after- our hearts.

You may be thinking, 2019 was a hot mess, there’s no way God can use me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes this year. I’m here to encourage you that He can absolutely still do great things through you! In fact, He desires to do so! Sharing your story and using all that you’ve been through to bring glory to God is a HUGE part of your purpose in this life!

Rahab started out not realizing her worth nor value. She began with low faith, if any. She began with no idea of her true identity through Jesus Christ. She began with the belief that God could never really use her in a mighty way for the uplifting of His kingdom. 

But thank God that’s not where the story ends!

When she heard of what God was doing through Joshua and the Israelites, she said, “the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath” (Josh. 2: 10,11).

Her changed heart changed her life!

Her belief and faith outweighed her messy past. Her decision to live by faith changed the trajectory of her life. She became the mother of Boaz (Yes, our beloved Boaz, who seems to be everyone’s “husband goals”. Lol... His mom was Rahab!). Boaz and Ruth had Obed. Obed is the father of Jesse and Jesse is the father of King David! (Matthew 1: 5).

Rahab’s story is a beautiful illustration of how God’s unconditional love, grace, forgiveness and mercy covers a multitude of sins. 

If your 2019 didn’t start out too well or somewhere in the middle you became a bit discouraged and lost like I did, I’m encouraging you to start over today. Give your past mistakes, disappointments and missteps to Jesus so He can wipe your slate clean. You don’t have to wait until the first of January to do so. He’s ready to work a miracle in your life right now, right where you are- if you allow Him to.

Let’s reflect on Rahab’s story as an example and remind ourselves- It doesn’t matter how I started. It doesn’t matter what I did the majority of 2019. TODAY, I’m deciding to trust God and finish strong.


Rahab’s Story- Joshua 2, 6

Joshua sending the spies and Rahab’s obedience- Joshua 2

Rahab as apart of Jesus the Messiah’s lineage- Matthew 1: 5

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